RUNNING DOWN A DREAM:  The making of a film

Author: Paul Gorman

Genre: Memoir


Haunted for thirty years by a dream of a female friend’s death eight years before she died in a skydiving accident, Filmmaker Paul Gorman hopes to unlock the mystery of his dream by making a film about her.

Gorman’s memoir tells the remarkably true story about the making of his 2014 award winning documentary film, "Ride The Sky". Gorman retraces pioneering skydiver Joan Carson’s nomadic life from the time of her death in 1981 back to her childhood. His journey captures the spirit of the Seventies, the recklessness of youthful skydivers, and what drove some to risk their lives for the 'rush' of jumping from an airplane. Along the way, Gorman discovers what he believes was the underlying motive for Carson's addiction to the sport; a motive couched in a painful secret past. In the end, it's a past that reconnects with the present in a most surprising and emotional way.

If you enjoyed INTO THE WILD by Jon Krakauer and WILD by Cheryl Strayed, you'll love RUNNING DOWN A DREAM: The making of a film.

Available as a Kindle ebook and paperback from Amazon Books. Click here to purchase.

INTO TROUBLE:  A backpacking trip to Franco's Spain Ends in Trouble

Author: Paul Gorman

Genre: European Travel Adventure

INTO TROUBLE: A Backpacking Trip to Franco's Spain Ends in Trouble is Paul Gorman's second book. In the winter of 1969 as a shy nineteen year old teenager, he sets off on a backpacking trip to Europe. On his flight to NYC, he meets Billy Hayes, future author of Midnight Express, and spends the night at Hayes' folk's place. Later, several weeks after landing in Luxembourg, Gorman heads south in search of sunshine, bikini clad Scandinavian girls and cheap prices. He winds up in Franco's Spain: the Canary Islands. While there, he goes broke and unwittingly becomes an accomplice in a scam to defraud Iberia Airlines, forges and cashes stolen travelers checks and spends time in a Spanish prison. His release is used as a bargaining chip in a military arms deal between the U.S. and Spain.

Gorman's tale is the dramatic and sometimes humorous story of a young man searching for his place in the world, coming to terms with his relationship with his autocratic father, chasing after romance, avoiding the draft, and lessons he learned from his travels. Along the lines of Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer, Midnight Express by Billy Hayes, and Catch Me If You Can by Frank Abagnale, this true story will entertain and amaze you. Available Spring of 2021.

Available June 1, 2021 as a Kindle ebook and paperback from Amazon Books.


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