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Director:  Paul Gorman

Screenwriter:  Paul Gorman

Genre:  Drama

Roger Wilson sets out for a roadside attraction known as Salvation Mountain.  Along the way he gets lost and his car runs out of gas stranding him in the desert.  All he's got are two bottles of water, three oranges, a peanut butter sandwich, and a gun.  His reason to reach Salvation Mountain becomes more apparent as his journey becomes one of survival.


Written, produced, directed, acted, and filmed entirely alone in the desert by 69 year old filmmaker Paul Gorman, Salvation Mountain is an important film in that it provides proof you are never too old to make movies.

Salvation Mountain is a good film that has a good message within its story.  From the very first scene to the end, this film was very intriguing to watch.  I felt that the film was very original and had a lot of creativity to it.  I enjoyed the positive message that the story told; one that came from skillful writing and having good direction.  I felt the story was well written showing great care for its subject matter.  I thought the cinematography was beautiful to watch unfold.  You could tell each frame was composed with care.  I thought the entire cast gave great performances.  I am always impressed by those that choose to direct and act in their films; it is no easy task.  That being said, I thought Paul Gorman did an excellent job at both.  I thought the pacing and the structure of the film were good.  Overall, I thought it was a great film and it was a job well done.


Cleveland International Film Festival

Salvation Mountain was a very entertaining film -- to say the least.  The scenery was absolutely breathtaking.  The story-line was entertaining...

Oxford Film Festival

Watch the entire film now!


Director:  George Turner

Screenwriter:  Paul Gorman

Genre:  Thriller

In the near future a deadly virus has killed half of Earth's population and threatens to kill the rest within five years unless it can be stopped.

Set in the remoteness of Eastern Washington, Nick Russo, an Italian-American cop, accused of sexual harrassment, and Dr. Rachel Gauthier, a lesbian scientist, are the world's last hope for stopping a genetically weaponized virus unleashed by religious zealots bent on bringing about Armageddon.

The key to survival is Halo; a virus zapping neck bracelet invented by Dr. Gauthier and her team of scientists. Only problem: there are only six prototypes and the Zealots have gotten four of them.  


As it turns out, Dr. Gauthier has files with her to manufacture multitudes and save the world. 

Her mission:  deliver the files safely to her team in Seattle. 


Along the way, an aviation crash leaves her injured and stranded in the wilderness with Russo.  Meanwhile, four AR-15 toting extremists hunt them down.

Thus the stage is set for a classic battle pitting extreme religious beliefs against today's values.  

Who will win, and what will victory mean?


Director:  Paul Gorman

Screenwriter:  Tyler Adams

Genre:  Documentary


Why would anyone deliberately crash-land their airplane on a mountain top, logging road, gravel bar, deserted highway, or in a friend's yard?  Tyler Adams did it, and so much more.


Tragically he died at 28 when his single-engine airplane collided mid-air with another plane, while taking off from a "fly-in" over a dry lake bed in Nevada, killing that pilot too. 

Adams love of flying was rivaled only by his passion for mountain climbing, of which he was an expert and an instructor.  His goal was to be a bush pilot, but his dream ended when he was diagnosed with diabetes.  Vicariously, Tyler kept flying, living out the life of the bush pilots and STOL cult heroes he'd seen on Youtube.  

Using actual aerial footage filmed by Adams, and narration written by him, Chosstronaut takes you on an adventure into the wilderness that only a bush pilot can make, and into the mind of Tyler Adams.


Director:  Paul Gorman

Screenwriter: Susan Tomlinson

Genre:  Documentary


Joanie McGowan was an actress, playwright, political activist, comedian, and radio talk show host. Severely beaten one night in 2004 by a drunk college student, she spent months recovering from her injuries, only to be found dead in a park just weeks before his trial. Cause of death was listed as suicide, and charges were soon dropped against her accused attacker who is now a cop.

Director Paul Gorman explores the life, times, brutal attack and death of the actress who played 'Barbara Beal' in his 1988 short film, SPARE CHANGE.


The film brings Joanie to life through recordings, interviews and video, as it attempts to understand the circumstances of her life and death, and pay tribute to this remarkable artist.


Director:  George Turner

Screenwriter:  Paul Gorman

Genre:  Drama

It was 1969 and the Vietnam War was raging and so was the anti-war movement.  Nineteen year old Tom Hansen has just returned home from a six month backpacking trip through Europe.  He soon lands a job in a flower shop and becomes their afternoon deliver driver.  Not long afterwards, he delivers flowers to Molly, an attractive singles-mom, who has a two year old daughter named Erica.  Over the course of several deliveries, purchased by her estranged Vietnam Veteran husband, Stan, a romance blossoms. 

Realizing what he has inadvertently done, Stan cancels his purchases and jealously stalks Tom hoping to derail the romance.  Meanwhile, Tom has just received a "Notice to Appear for a Physical Examination" from the Selective Service.  Believing that the war is unjust and convinced that he can't kill, Tom turns to the Anti-War Movement for help.  

Unsuccessful in getting any sort of deferment, Tom informs Molly of his predicament.  Molly brainstorms and comes up with a scheme she's convinced will give him a deferment. 

Molly's plan sets into motion a climatic sequence of events testing her love, Stan's mental health, Tom's courage, and the moral dilemma and hardships of being a draft dodger during the Vietnam War.  Were they cowards or heroes?



Director: George Turner

Screenwriters: Paul Gorman and Roy B Ayers

Genre:  Comedy


In 1985 computers could be intimidating, especially if you were a klutz like Marty Beall.   Trained as a Printed Circuit Board Designer, he could design computers, but couldn't even operate a microwave to save his life. 


Nevertheless, his company sends him to L.A. for training on their first CAD system. 


The training concludes and Marty's flight home to Seattle is cancelled due to a freak snowstorm.  His company wires $500 to tied him over for several days, but a computer glitch changes the amount to $500,000. Unbenknownst to him, the money belongs to the Mob. 

Marty attempts to return the loot, but his company has already closed for the weekend and the bank needs their approval.


A short time later, Marty has a life altering experience convincing him to keep the money for himself.  He catches a cab to Mexico, setting off a madcap romp south of the border as he dodges mob hitmen, who he thinks are FBI agents.  The cab driver (Manuel Lopez) is an unemployed electrical engineer, who just so happens to have a computer invention.  All he needs is financing to produce his invention and thus employ his native village.  He shows it to Marty who is impressed and offers to help. 

Will Marty overcome his computer phobia, fight off the mob, and save the village, or will he make everything crash?

CYBERFUNK is a hilarious look at the early days of computing and the phobias that many of us had.


Director:  Mark L Anderson

Screenwriters:  Paul Gorman and Charles Trimble

Genre:  Futuristic

In the near future, a corporation rules the world...and their product, a drug named Infidol runs The Corporation...Immortality has arrived, but at a terrible cost...Music and art are forbidden...and sex is a capital crime.

Freedom's last hope lies somewhere in the Outskirts...and its gathering place, is The Last Mirage.

Brando Bullitt and his rock band The Scapegoats play music there.  The Mirage, as they affectionately call it, is an old mystical nightclub where all the greats once played.  Started by Brando's grandfather and Moze, along with others who fled The Corporation years ago, they've passed the  torch of freedom to Brando and his lead guitarist, Bix, Moze's grandson.


Their destiny:  Resist The Corporation. 

Their weapon:  Incendiary Rock Music. 

Their audience:  Corporate employees younger than 30 who have yet to be put on Infidol. 

Their enemy:  The Chairman of the Board and his Corporate Security Forces.

With Moze's instructions, Brando and Bix sneak into The Corporate City, and record their songs on Corporate News Network with the aid of a young station intern named Alia, the C.O.B.'s daughter.  The Scapegoat's broadcast unleashes an uprising within The Corporation, and a vow by the Chairman to find his daughter, stomp out the insurrection within, and annihilate Brando Bullitt and The Outskirts once and for all.


An epic battle ensues on a philosophical stage, questioning the perils of corporate globalism and immortality, versus, freedom and truth that art and music can provide.



Director: George Turner

Screenwriter: Paul Gorman

Genre:  Black Comedy

Aspiring screenwriter Tom Olsen will do anything to sell his screenplay. 

Praised as a cross between THE PLAYER and THE STUNTMAN, this cat 'n mouse whoodunit, matches wits between Director David Merritt and Tom in an attempt to get him to read his screenplay. 


After losing a bet to Merritt, Tom writes him a bad check, predicting that Merritt will track him down and then Tom will clear the debt by offering an option on his script.  Merritt, critically acclaimed to be the master of con artist movies, sets a trap of his own.  He'll read Tom's script, and, if it's good enough , make his movie, but only if  Tom commits a crime for him.


Unwilling to commit the crime, Merritt pulls a gun on Tom and threatens to kill him.  Tom reluctantly agrees to Merritt's ultimatum.   Fortunately for Tom though, fate intervenes giving him the upperhand, or so he thinks.

The story shifts back and forth with Merritt directing Tom like an actor in one of his movies, and Tom convinced that he's got Merritt checkmated. 

WAITING FOR MERRITT is a film about desperation and how far some people will go for wealth and fame.

coming soon


Paul Gorman


Paul Gorman

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Roy B Ayers


Paul Gorman

Shooting Begins:

March 2019


Mark Anderson


Paul Gorman

Shooting Begins:

December 2018

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