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Director:  Paul Gorman

Screenwriter:  Paul Gorman

Genre:  Documentary

Length:  74 Minutes 79 Minutes

In the 1970s, before there was BASE jumping, wing suiting, and paragliding, there was skydiving.  In those days, skydivers were a rowdy, beer guzzling bunch, partying all night, and skydiving the following day until the sun went down. They lived together and loved one another.  They called themselves a family, actually, they were more like a beehive of productivity or trouble.


And the queen bee was Joan Carson, an attractive cheerleader from the suburbs of Seattle. 


Attempting  to escape a secretive and painful past, she found the release she'd been searching for by jumping out of airplanes and falling through the sky at 120 miles per hour.  In the end, her freedom would contribute to her death, leaving behind a skydiving legacy and mystery that has endured more than 30 years.


This award winning film brings to life the 70s and the glory years of skydiving, as it unlocks the secret Joan kept hidden for so many years, and investigates the perplexing circumstances surrounding her skydiving death.  The ending just might surprise you. Click here to watch it on DocsNow Plus.


Director:  George Turner

Screenwriter:  Paul Gorman

Genre: Documentary/Drama

Length:  88 Minutes

In 1988 "Broken Frame" was filmed.  For more than two decades this intriguing detective murder mystery sat unedited due to a series of mishaps and life's curves. But twenty-two years later, it was finally completed.

However, the years took a toll and left the filmmaker pondering a far bigger tragedy and whether or not to screen the film.

Divided into three parts, the movie is part drama, and part documentary, chronicling the mishaps and perils of making the film, the actual movie itself, and the memories of making it.  Acclaimed by Seattle's Scarecrow Video, and U.K. film critic, Brett Gerry, 'Broken Frame' is an inspiration to the spirit of independent filmmaking and to anyone who has unfinished projects. 


Director:  Paul Gorman

Screenwriters:  Jack Remick, Laura Nelson, Zack Hoffman, Ella Andrews, Bruce Robertson & Arleen Williams

Genre:  Black Comedy

Length:  70 Minutes

ROMA VENDETTA is the world's FIRST movie made from monologues being auditioned by actors.   Filmed separately, their monologues are edited together to tell a much larger story about a director who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder and is being stalked by a hit-man while making a movie in Rome.  Ensuing is a cat and mouse battle over sanity and justice between the hit-man, the director, and his alternate personality.

Made on a shoestring budget, ROMA VENDETTA attempts new filmmaking processes, encouraging filmmakers and screenwriters to improve upon the groundwork it has barely scratched and for audiences to experience a new method of storytelling in cinema.



Director:  Paul Gorman

Screenwriter:  Paul Gorman

Genre:  Documentary


WHERE THE CHILDREN PLAY is an uplifting documentary about Seattle's New Discovery School.  The school embodies joy and love, and embraces learning through play.  Founded in a park more than 30 years ago, the school has grown from eight students to more than seventy today.  Over the years it has struggled to survive, having endured three moves and funding issues.  Now it faces its biggest challenge yet with it's founding director retiring.  Will it survive?

For all those who believe early childhood education is essential, WHERE THE CHILDREN PLAY will inspire and reassure you that our children can have a promising future.

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